Why stage your home?

Would you like to get 10% more on the sale of your home?

That is the average increased price percentage HSR Certified stagers achieve.

People don’t buy houses, they buy homes


Less time on the market according to a recent Real Estate Staging Association Survey.


Of buyers will ‘overlook’ property flaws when the home is staged according to NAR


of buyers said it was easier to visualise a staged property as their next home. 2015 NAR Survey.

Did you know?

Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualise the potential of a vacant property.

And of the 10% who can, most are typically investors or flippers who will try to hammer down your price. Allow buyers to emotionally connect.

Perspective is important

“Oh, it’s smaller than I thought…”
That’s not something you want buyers saying at an open house. People have difficulty visualising size and scale without furniture as a reference.
Get more qualified buyers.

“In most cases, furnishing and styling can add up to $50,000 to the sale price”

Mr Walters has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate, and strongly recommends vendors have their homes styled. Braden Walters from Byron Bay McGrath Estate Agents