Investment properties

Is your vacant property struggling to stand out in this competitive market?

Maximise your house appeal with style.
We use top furnishings to achieve that model home look to entice a buyer or tenant to fall in love.

Are you listing your tenanted investment property?

That can be tricky.

Tenants may not be invested in perfect presentation of your property
when it comes to selling or re-letting, and that’s understandable.

We make the process easier and smoother on everyone.

With professional staging your prospects are not just viewing a property
they’re experiencing a lifestyle.

Real estate agents

Get those vacant listings sold.

Are your vacant property listings looking a little…lifeless?

This is where we shine! When nine out of ten buyers compare properties online
before they do anything else, it’s essential to catch their eye through professional
photography of expertly styled rooms. Staging helps to demonstrate space and
concept in photography, and results in more qualified leads.

Staging a property for viewings works to connect buyers emotionally.
Drive up the price, and fast-track the sale.
We help you highlight a home’s best features.

We offer competitive agency rates for multiple property bookings.

New build styling solutions

We are property developers. For many years we have been styling our own
projects with great success. We have studied and observed what works,
and we know the Brisbane market and buyer demographics well.

It’s our business; it is proven, and it will help you sell your new properties
faster, and with a substantial return on your investment in our service.